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Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

posted Jun 17, 2016 23:37:36 by wild_sarah82
I just went out for ice cream and my hands down favorite ice cream is soft serve vanilla and chocolate twist. It has been my favorite since I was a little girl. So I was wondering, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? I can't think of a better summer topic!!
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cw33 said Jun 18, 2016 02:41:38
Chocolate is always my favorite flavor! I like dark chocolate especially. Besides chocolate, I also like green tea. But if these two flavors are mixed together, it doesn't taste very good.
Adelaide said Jun 18, 2016 14:35:12
I've never had green tea flavored ice cream before. Where do you get that from? My favorite ice cream flavor is Amaretto. I just wish that more places would sell this kind. I can only get it at a local convenience store that makes their own ice cream.
Comfy said Jun 21, 2016 11:51:00
I think green tea is best combined with vanilla. Technically speaking, vanilla can be combined with almost all kind of flavors because it's so simple and usually not too sweet. I like to combine it with fruit flavors, such as orange and strawberry.
Jaclyn Tome said Jun 28, 2016 12:52:06
The flavor I enjoy most is definitely mint with dark chocolate topped off with pistachios. If I can't find it with the nuts, I add them myself as nothing less will do.
GreenEyedGhoul said Jul 03, 2016 06:29:42
My favorite flavor of ice cream is actually only available at Braum's and it is in the "frozen yogurt" section. The ice cream is called cappuccino chocolate chunk. I have tried so many different coffee flavored ice creams and there honestly is not one that even compares.
Cicero said Jul 25, 2016 16:55:16
My favorite ice cream flavor is "Moose Tracks". It's vanilla ice cream laced with caramel and embedded with chunks of chocolate covered caramel candies. It's probably a million calories for a double scoop sugar cone full but I'll gladly go the rest of the day without eating to get my "fix".
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