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posted Jun 19, 2016 13:34:42 by Zach Trevor
Does anyone here fear clowns? I have a mate who recently admitted his phobia to me but he refuses to elaborate. I understand it must be uncomfortable to talk about it but I would like to learn more.
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MikeyMandel said Jun 21, 2016 14:10:24
I don't like clowns, I find them incredibly creepy, but I don't have a phobia about them. I don't know much about phobias at all, really. I guess my best advice is to just respect his feelings and support him. If it is really an issue where he can't even speak about it, perhaps therapy is in order.
Zach Trevor said Jun 22, 2016 11:12:06
He doesn't mind talking about it in a general sense but not about how his phobia came about. I think he is slightly embarrassed about it, so I didn't pursue the issue. I'd like to hear from others, though.
RedSeol said Jun 25, 2016 16:43:58
I have a friend with fear of clowns and people wearing big unique costumes for festivals in general. She finds them very creepy and can't look at them properly. We've been trying to find the reason, whether it's childhood trauma or anything else, but we can't find anything. Is that even possible?
Zach Trevor said Jul 19, 2016 15:42:05
Yes, it is possible for people to have all sorts of phobias. Usually they arise from unpleasant past events that were connected to the object of fear. It's strange that your friend doesn't remember the cause of her phobia.
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