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Golf: A sport?

posted Jun 19, 2016 04:03:34 by Jaclyn Tome
I have met many who don't consider golf as a sport. Personally, I think it does satisfy the definition of sport, although I find it incredibly boring. Perhaps then, it doesn't quite entertain as sports are meant to?
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Cicero said Jul 07, 2016 19:31:36
I don't consider golf a sport. To me, a sport entails a strenuous effort to compete in order to win. Golf may be considered a game in that a person tries to meet an objective in the designated amount of tries in order to get a passable, at least, score. Some try to make golf a sport by setting up leagues, fiercely arguing over specific points of view and being obsessed with winning, even cheating in order to do it. As for myself, who use to golf but gave it up, it is boring and a novelty for the privileged elite.
KnightShade said Jul 26, 2016 11:00:41
I also can't think of golf as a sport. My definition of sport is a physical activity that makes you move actively from place to place and we need to spend much energy for it. Golf is more like a game indeed, much like chess or billiard. Each to their own opinion, but golf is not a big deal of sports for me.
GreenEyedGhoul said Jul 26, 2016 23:09:58
I think golf is an actual sport as it does require skill (kind of like shooting a bow and arrow). However, as mentioned above, I do find it very boring and if someone was interested in sports in general, why they would choose to play golf.
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