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Social act

posted Jun 24, 2016 11:51:31 by Ilean
Have you ever participated in social acts? I've only been a member few times, but I'm interested to do more. There's this kind of satisfaction and sense of achievement to help others via such event. I also enjoy meeting new people and expand my network.
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JamesG2252 said Jun 24, 2016 19:43:49
I am not familiar with this at all. Can you tell us exactly what it is and what it is supposed to entail? I am going to assume it involves some charitable event of some sort. Perhaps I am just way off here? I would love to know more!
RedSeol said Jul 02, 2016 14:21:09
Social acts are not very common around where I live. I think only members of certain groups or organizations can take part as the committee members. At other bigger cities, looks like you can apply to join such event. I'd love to try it someday, especially at remote areas because they usually need the help most.
Ilean said Jul 05, 2016 09:14:32
JamesG2252, charitable event is pretty close. Usually the acts celebrate certain days or occasion, such as World No Tobacco Day. We do a series of activity from giving information (sometimes in form of mini seminar) to offering free services (e.g. free health check up) to encourage people to live better.
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