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Is our climate changing here a lot lately?

posted Jun 27, 2016 05:41:52 by w8eeo
I don't know exactly what is causing the strange weather this season but in the past few days there has been record breaking rainfall here and the temperatures are higher (both short and long range). The rainfalls especially are alarming. Folks who study those things say we are breaking all time records this week with more to come! I live in West Central West Virginia on the Ohio river. I hate to bring it up but could it be progressive global warming here?
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cw33 said Jun 28, 2016 14:25:44
I would say, unfortunately, the answer should be yes. And in fact, it's happening in every corner of the world. The issue of climate change is always here, and will always be here. I actually don't think we can do anything to stop it. We can only try to slow down the change and hopefully our next generation will still have a fair living environment.
w8eeo said Jan 07, 2017 20:54:13
I've been watching the weather here and they say that in the States of Georgia, Alabama, as well as North Carolina and South Carolina can expect Severe weather in the form of ice and snow and could exceed snow falls greater than any in history this weekend. Also in the Artic area they are predicting the largest ice-berg separation in history and that probably a weakness and fall of a very large ice mass during the next few days is expected. I don't know what we can do about global warming but surely we must admit it is a severe problem.
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