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Pat Summitt and Women's Sports

posted Jun 28, 2016 19:39:35 by Fitzwilly
Pat Summitt passed away today, June 28, 2016. Her passing has left the Sports World grieving. She was instrumental in bringing respect and recognition to female athletes at a time when Women's Sports were considered to be a non-entity. She paved the way through Title IX to make it possible for women to relish their accomplishments as men would and to receive the glory that they deserved. She was only sixty-four years old. Rest in Peace, Pat. We love you!
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AllMine said Jul 07, 2016 05:49:03
I've never heard of her before because I'm not into basketball, but reading about who she is, it must be a great loss. She deserves the respect because she was working on a hard field, normally only available to men. May she rests in peace, and hopefully more women will step up to continue her legacy.
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