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If You Died Tomorrow

posted Jun 29, 2016 19:46:59 by TopHat
What would you do if you found out that you were going to die tomorrow? Would you indulge in one last forbidden fantasy, go bungee jumping or try to amend a misunderstanding? With all of our lives being taken for granted, this reality check might just get you to start thinking about how precious life really is.
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Adelaide said Jul 02, 2016 12:31:43
If I found out that I was going to die tomorrow, I would cram as many things as I could into that day. There are so many things that I still want to do and see which is why I try to spend less time worrying about material things in my life right now because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring.
AllMine said Jul 27, 2016 08:21:09
I will probably follow the forbidden fantasy path. If life is going to end soon, why should we limit ourselves? There are many things we can't try while living for years. I guess it's true that we need to live to the fullest everyday because we don't know when the world will end.
MikeyMandel said Jul 29, 2016 01:32:04
What a morbid topic! lol I guess I try to live every single day like it's my last because none of us are guaranteed another day on this earth. I try to love hard and enjoy everything because I don't want to regret anything.
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dreaming said Jul 31, 2016 12:23:12
That's a good question. If I was going to die tomorrow, I would immediately fly to my dream country. Then, I would probably donate most of my properties to charity.
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