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Women vs. Men - Will It Ever End?

posted Jun 29, 2016 19:08:27 by Percival
The battle of the sexes, will it ever end? Are we as humans doomed to the constant struggle between our different halves, or will there someday be a compromise? I really can't venture to begin to answer this times old query, can you?
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Tillman said Jul 02, 2016 23:04:59
I don't think any of us can answer the questions you have posed!
I am familiar with the drill marriage forces upon us and there may not be a good answer to your question. Some time back I read some interesting insights about a good marriage which you can read at:
AllMine said Jul 03, 2016 14:20:37
We will probably always struggle as long as there are still parts of society that categorize human rights based on the gender. I don't understand why it seems so hard to remember that there are things only either one can do because of who they are, and so we can't put price or label on any of them.
cw33 said Jul 05, 2016 11:34:31
Whenever power is involved, the battle will not end. I don't think this battle will ever have an ending. But I would like to think in a more positive way. At least, both men and women are valued more equally than before. I don't hope for an end of this battle. I just hope that more people will concern about this topic and more people will be willing to try to make our world a better place.
Cookie77227 said Jul 05, 2016 16:49:03
I would love to say that we are evolving, but I don't really think that is the case. All of nature is broken down into male and female aspects, and what you are seeing is a struggle that has played out since humans came into existence. I think instead of trying to dominate one another, we should just appreciate our differences and move on.
Zach Trevor said Jul 07, 2016 12:13:38
I see it as a symptom of the larger issue of suffering. Out of suffering comes misery and fighting on all levels. To end the fighting, we must address the roots of the issue.
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