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Flowers for special occasions

posted Jun 30, 2016 11:45:47 by Ophelia
My anniversary was a few days ago and my husband purchased this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. It was filled with so many different types of flowers like lavender roses, lilies, and dianthus. I'm wondering how many people still enjoy getting flowers for a special occasion and if you do, do you prefer all of the same flower or a mixture of different ones?
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cw33 said Jul 01, 2016 13:04:02
I enjoy receiving flowers. I think most people will be pleased when they receive flowers, especially from their beloved ones. For me, I don't mind the types of flowers that I receive as long as they are beautiful.
RedSeol said Jul 07, 2016 04:26:45
That's so lovely! I've never received flowers, so I hope one day someone will be considerate enough to send me a beautiful bouquet. I'm not picky about the flower types, although I do know there are meanings behind each flower based on the articles online. I won't be able to resist searching the meaning, so I'll probably get disappointed if the meaning is different from the intention.
Dante said Jul 07, 2016 18:12:38
On Valentines Day, I usually buy my wife a dozen red roses, which she loves! On other occasions, such as Easter, I give her some lilies. For no special occasion at all, I will buy her a bouquet of various mixed flowers. Flowers say, "I love you", with no particular reason for the types they are. My wife also loves carnations.
MyPreciousGEM222 said Jul 12, 2016 06:17:20
I enjoy receiving flowers. It's a nice way to say "I was thinking of you". I will say, though, that it is fairly generic, so of course it would be nice to get a variety of surprises (i.e. a note in your lunch, a favorite drink from the store, etc). I honestly prefer a mix of different flowers. They look more "wild" and "natural".
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