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How Long Does Man Have Left?

posted Jul 06, 2016 01:13:03 by TopHat
Mankind has been around in his modern form for about fifty or sixty thousand years. In that time, We have fought innumerable wars, faced untold amounts of famines and came very close many times to totally obliterating Ourselves. Are We doomed to failure? And, if so, when will We finally do the unthinkable? Will it be soon? Do We have the capacity to wise up and to evolve into something better?
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Percival said Jul 07, 2016 20:20:37
I lean toward the positive side for us. We have done many heinous things during our existence here on Earth, but I just can't see why we would want to totally obliterate ourselves. I think we can come to terms with our differences, eventually, and forge ahead to a time where all things will be possible.
Comfy said Jul 09, 2016 14:59:56
Sometimes I think it's possible for humans to obliterate ourselves with the number of wars caused by hate or ideas run too wild. It's saddening, but at least the better news is that seems to reunite the rest of humanity. Hopefully more people will come to realize this. We can probably live another ten thousand years that way.
GreenEyedGhoul said Jul 12, 2016 06:54:38
I don't see man obliterating themselves; however, I do see man coming to a point where they are surviving inefficiently. I say this because of all the hate that is being spread as opposed to just coming together as one. It's so confusing - we all were born on earth and have the same goal in life - ultimately, to do whatever it takes to be happy. But, for some reason, we all fight each other instead of realizing that we are stronger together and can find happiness in working together towards that happiness.
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