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Is Knowing Oneself Really That Important?

posted Jul 06, 2016 00:46:18 by Percival
People say that knowing why you do what you do is important to making decisions and how to avoid unpleasant circumstances. Yet, it seems that there are those who glide through life not paying any particular attention to the things that make them tick and appear to be very happy indeed. How about you? Do you look inside of yourself to steer your course?
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Comfy said Jul 12, 2016 14:21:44
I've been there before; doing crazy things without real goals, enjoying the freedom, trying things I've never done just for the sake of it. After a while, I began to question myself because I couldn't live like that forever. I think having one set goal of something we really want is important. The rest, we can leave them up to fate and chances.
PitchDark said Jul 12, 2016 17:02:12
I tend to look inside of myself for answers, I'm just introspective, I guess. Whether it is good or bad to be this self-searching is a matter for debate. Some people need to just "wing it" through their lives while others ponder upon the non-essentials too much. It has been this way with us forever.
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Fitzwilly said Jul 17, 2016 00:10:21
Introverts spend too much time in their heads. They need to chill out and come to terms with the real world. If I spend too much time alone with my thoughts, I go crazy. It's better to just "wing it" to get through the day sometimes.
Zach Trevor said Jul 25, 2016 08:54:36
Introverts don't spend too much time in their heads; everyone does what is natural to them. Introverted individuals need to process things internally in order to understand life.
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