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How do you learn a language?

posted Jul 08, 2016 02:57:51 by dreaming
Learning languages is fun and perhaps beneficial as well. I always like learning different languages. But it can be difficult since some languages are totally different from our mother tongue. I think we should learn the grammar structures first and then build up our vocabulary slowly. How do you think?
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KnightShade said Jul 12, 2016 14:33:19
In my opinion, the hardest challenge of studying foreign languages is to find people to converse with. We can take our time in self-studying, but if we don't have situations to actually use the language, it will take forever to get fluent. I've heard that online websites help us to find people to talk to.
Fitzwilly said Jul 12, 2016 16:18:25
I agree. Learning a language takes a great deal of time learning verb tenses and the other formal needs that it requires. Taken for a time in a classroom setting is needed, and then followed up by actually speaking with others who speak it as their native tongue.
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