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Sunsets or sunrises?

posted Jul 08, 2016 13:49:28 by Adelaide
Which do you prefer, sunsets or sunrises? I would rather see the sunset because I think that this when the sky produces the most beautiful colors. I have, however, always wanted to see the sunset on the West coast as opposed to the East coast because I've always wanted to see the flash of green that occurs.
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GreenEyedGhoul said Jul 12, 2016 06:48:21
I think sunsets are gorgeous; however, watching the sunrise is amazing. It leaves you in a sense of awe. The day starts over and all things start fresh each day and it's really just beautiful to watch the grass appear bright green after being dull all night long. Besides, along with the site of a sunrise, you get the wonderful sounds of animals waking up to the new day as well.
Dante said Jul 12, 2016 16:12:31
There is nothing quite like the sunset over the ocean or river. That large orange disc setting on the horizon just puts awe within your heart. Knowing that you are just a small part of this enormous universe really puts things into perspective.
RedSeol said Jul 15, 2016 13:49:36
It's hard to answer because both sunrises and sunsets fascinate me. Sunsets are special, though, because I like the evening part of the day most, and the burst of orange across the sky before it turns dark is so beautiful.
Jaclyn Tome said Jul 15, 2016 15:12:12
I prefer sunrises as the peace that precedes them makes me feel like I am in my own world surrounded by nothing but nature; the sunrise then fills the space with warmth as if inviting me to join a whole new world.
cw33 said Jul 16, 2016 13:23:18
I prefer sunsets. It's probably because sunsets usually trigger a lot emotions. Sunset is the part of the day that reminds you this day is going to end soon.
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