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posted Jul 12, 2016 07:00:01 by GreenEyedGhoul
I do understand the purpose of Facebook because it brings people together and allows users to update their "friends" on current life events, photos/videos, anything interesting on the internet, etc - it seems like a "one stop shop" for everything! I am just confused as to how other social media sites became so popular? For example, Instagram. How did this become so popular when this feature was already available with Facebook. Twitter and Tumblr allow posts just like Facebook, so what is the difference between all of these sites and Facebook and what is the purpose of having an account with each site?
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KnightShade said Jul 15, 2016 13:58:08
I don't use many social media so I'm not sure myself. I use it for work-related things only, such as WhatsApp for group conversations. My guess is because people eventually get bored with Facebook and want to try something else. Instagram is focused on photos and pictures, Twitter for short posts and updates, Tumblr for micro blogging, and so on.
cw33 said Jul 16, 2016 13:15:17
Different social networking sites have different functions. I personally don't like using Facebook. I use Twitter more often. I feel like Twitter is more suitable for random short posts. Instagram is mainly for photos. I don't use Instagram that often because I don't have many photos to post.
Dante said Jul 16, 2016 23:30:09
I don't use Facebook anymore and never have used other social media like Twitter or Instagram. Facebook got to be too shallow for me, really all that was on there was adolescent stuff about what you ate for breakfast or people's trips to the hairdresser. I have better things to do with my time.
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