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Skin products

posted Jul 13, 2016 14:16:17 by AllMine
I will probably never understand women's need of skin products as I watch my girlfriend spending so much money to go to skin clinic. Acne is a problem for men too, but I don't think much about it because I'm really active everyday so I bet those products won't help much. We are so dependent--or addicted?--to those products these days.
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Ophelia said Jul 16, 2016 11:50:01
Luckily, I'm not like this at all. I have a very small skin care regiment that I use. I use a lotion that has sunblock in it and I put on powdered concealer. That's about it. I've watched some TV shows where they have make-up artists on and I can't believe the layers of different things women are putting on their faces.
wild_sarah82 said Jul 18, 2016 16:57:36
I make my own skin care products and I find they work so much better than anything store bought! Even just rubbing your skin with coconut oil can make such a difference in how your skin looks and feels. There is not need to make it hard on yourself and have a bunch of unnecessary products and steps!
Comfy said Jul 25, 2016 10:07:44
@wild_sarah82, how do you make your own skin care products? My skin is not that problematic, so I just buy the cheapest (but safe) product I see in the shops. Still, it's very interesting if I can make ones which are more appropriate based on my skin type.
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