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Summer Heat

posted Jul 18, 2016 16:51:31 by wild_sarah82
Is anyone else getting sick of the heat? I am just not a fan of hot weather, and my favorite time of year is fall and winter, so when summer is hot, I am not happy! The heat and humidity had been terrible the last few weeks. We need a reprieve!
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Comfy said Jul 22, 2016 12:19:52
You are definitely not alone! I can't stand living in hot weather. It makes me so uncomfortable and easily agitated. I become unproductive because all I want is just sit or sleep to avoid the heat. I also tend to get sick easily around this time.
Dante said Jul 22, 2016 19:52:43
The heat is also awful here in Florida, the hottest summer in quite a while. Florida is traditionally warm all year round, although our winter temperatures here sometimes get down into the thirties. This summer the temps have been in the mid nineties for a few months now. The heat index,however, hovers to around one hundred to one hundred five degrees! I agree, a cool snap would be nice.
Cookie77227 said Jul 25, 2016 03:04:32
I hate the summer heat! We just got a heat advisory alert from the National Weather Service for 100+ heat index tomorrow and I am not a happy camper! I can't wait for winter, I truly can't.
cw33 said Jul 30, 2016 14:26:39
I hate heat. I don't like the feeling when I'm sweating. And when the weather is very hot, I don't have the mood to do anything. I like winter. When winter comes, it means it's the end of the year and I am always excited.
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