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Heaviest meal

posted Jul 19, 2016 15:35:23 by Jaclyn Tome
What is the heaviest meal of the day for you? Mine's usually dinner although I have heard this is not good practice. I do allow about 2 hours before bedtime, though.
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Ophelia said Jul 20, 2016 13:02:20
Mine is normally dinner too even though I try not to do it this way. I'm just afraid that if I make lunch my heaviest meal then the rest of the day would be shot because I'll be too stuffed to want to do anything else. I don't know many people that eat a lot during lunchtime and then eat a smaller portion for dinner.
MyPreciousGEM222 said Jul 21, 2016 21:47:59
I've heard that your meal size should decrease throughout the day. Your heaviest meal should be breakfast with a slightly smaller lunch and an even smaller dinner. It makes sense, but for some reason, it's made opposite in our culture.
Percival said Jul 22, 2016 20:30:17
I'm like the rest of you, dinner is my biggest meal. I try not to have snacks later on after dinner. In Europe, I don't know about elsewhere, around six or seven small meals are eaten during the day, breakfast is no big deal there, either. This, according to medical experts, is much healthier than our American eating habits. They eat, on average, their last meal around nine or ten'clock at night, I don't know how healthy that is, though. However, they do have a "siesta" around 11 or 12 noon, having their "large meal" at that time, and then, resting for a few hours.
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