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How often do you drink coffee?

posted Jul 21, 2016 12:41:53 by dreaming
Recently I have been drinking coffee more often. Drinking coffee can let you stay awake for a longer time. But I feel like it's losing this effect after drinking coffee for a few years. I wonder if I should drink less coffee from now on.
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MyPreciousGEM222 said Jul 21, 2016 21:44:41
I drink coffee sometimes and it's actually because I usually drink Dr. Pepper and the caffeine in that doesn't have the same effect anymore, so if I need to stay awake, I revert to coffee. It probably is not good for us, but it seems that there just aren't enough hours in the day.
Zach Trevor said Jul 22, 2016 10:46:41
I drink coffee twice a day; apart from getting the physical benefits, my mind is calmed. Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant-drug so, with time, more is needed to provide the same effect on the body. You should increase the quantity or quality of coffee if you decide to continue consuming it.
Fitzwilly said Jul 22, 2016 20:01:42
I love to drink coffee. I have two to three cups a day, and often, more. I use to be able to drink it right up until bedtime, but lately, I stop drinking it around 5 P.M. When I go out to eat, I will have an extra cup or two. I've been drinking it since childhood with no ill effects.
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Cookie77227 said Jul 25, 2016 03:02:44
On most days I drink one cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Some days, if I am out and about, I stop at Dunkin Donuts and get an iced caramel latte as a treat. Very occasionally I will brew up a cup of decaf in the evening, but I tend to drink tea more at night.
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