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Virtual reality games

posted Jul 21, 2016 09:57:13 by AllMine
With the development of gaming machines nowadays, virtual reality is something those geniuses are considering. I won't be surprised if in 5 years we will experience a whole new level in playing games, interacting with objects and move directly. I get so excited when I imagine such days!
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cw33 said Jul 25, 2016 08:40:56
I agree with you that the technology nowadays has become very advanced. I like playing virtual reality games as well. In fact, I even want to buy a virtual reality headset but it seems quite expensive.
Jaclyn Tome said Jul 25, 2016 13:13:01
Virtual reality gaming is already here; Playstation VR will be launched in October this year with some cool games in the line-up. Things are still in the infancy stage with the possibilities being huge.
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