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Do they play baseball in heaven?

posted Sep 06, 2016 01:08:44 by w8eeo
Jerry, Jim, and lefty had just finished
another pleasant afternoon watching afternoon baseball on television.
They had lived for several years in the assisted living home and had
become good friends. The one thing they had in common was a great
love for baseball...
One day after a pleasant afternoon, as
they were enjoying their daily prune juice over ice, the conversation
turned to the subject of becoming old and waiting for the grim reaper
to complete the task they all knew was coming.
Jerry made the comment that he would
not dread the thought of passing on so much if it didn't involve
giving up baseball. Jim commented that in heaven everyone would be
completely happy so baseball would, without a doubt, be a part of the
new experience in Heaven. The conversation turned then to the thought
that it would be good if they would all three agree that the one who
made the journey first would make every effort to get word back about
the status of baseball in Heaven. The agreement was made.
There came a time when Jim became ill
and he passed on.
The two who were left were lost without
Jerry and Lefty often spoke of Jim and
missed him a lot. At times the subject came up about the pact that
the three had made.
Some time later, very early in the
morning, Jerry rushed into the room Lefty lived in with the news that
Jim had visited him during the night, in a dream, with the
information that baseball was a very popular sport in Heaven and in
fact he (Jim) was playing every day. Jerry continued that he had
a long conversation with their friend Jim and was elated with the
good news.
Jerry also said there was some very
good news and a small bit of bad news.
Lefty asked- what could possibly be bad
about heaven being a haven for those who loved baseball.
Jerry replied, I have given you the
good new first. The bad news is that you are scheduled to pitch a
double header on Sunday a week from tomorrow.
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